Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things To Do If You're Woody Allen has released a list of potential Woody Allen projects being considered for '09 production. The list was found by a chambermaid in the Mallorcan hotel where Allen was staying during a recent Spanish swing. It's clearly raw, but there are a few interesting ideas here:

10: A man returns from work to find that his wife's invited the postman to live with them.

9: Public bathrooms I have used.

8: A single guy tries to buy a car, but is rebuffed by female salesmen.

7: Two environmentally friendly friends (a man and a woman) decide to live a zero-emissions life. (Like veganism for environmentalists. We follow them as they are constantly thwarted by a Royal typewriter.)

6: An abstract-expressionist cosmetic surgeon.

5: We attend a meeting of the ex-girlfriends of dental students.

4: Uncovering the lies and errors in fact heard at a recent lunch with my grandfather, who is dead.

3: A Jew takes over a cemetery in Jackson, Mississippi; tries to increase business, attract visitors, children.

2: A doctor preps a comatose patient for a Senate bid.

1: How to park at shul (during the High Holy/Holidays).

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